Towel Bars & Towel Warmers

Like the Smedbo Air range brassware I mentioned last post, this Ideal Standard Concept range towel bar was the same one I used in my previous bathroom refurbishment. I like the clean lines and concealed fixings, so I decided to order it again.  The screws to tighten the fixings are located on the underside of the bracket so you dont see them from above.

Installation Tip: If you are mounting this towel bar above eye level, install it upside down so that you don’t see the screw fixings on the bottom.

I ordered one towel bar for the hand towel from QS Supplies (who seem to have the best deals online for this sort of thing), and it will be mounted beside the sink.

As for our bath towels, we decided to treat ourselves to a polished stainless steel towel warmer. We don’t have a lot of wall space to work with so it will be mounted at the foot of our tub on the end wall.  We opted for this straight ladder rail from CP Hart (mainly because I can get a good architect’s discount there!)


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