Brightening up the dark winter nights

When we re-wired our ground floor electrics we installed a 5 Amp switched socket in the living room to allow for a table or floor lamp in the corner by our sofa to be switched on at the door as you enter the room.

However, as we all know by know, nothing is ever simple! In the UK, 5 Amp switched sockets have different plugs than your standard plugs for safety reasons. (Standard plug on the left, 5Amp plug on the right with round prongs)  So, because a bit of electrical work was required to switch over the plug on our bargain £20 Habitat Louie glass globe table lamp this little job has always been at the  bottom of my ‘To Do’ list.  Now however, with the nights drawing in, it seemed like a good time to sort it out.

Alex helped with the re-wiring job (apparently re-wiring a plug is something everyone who grows up in the UK learns to do)… and now we have a nice little pool of ambient light brightening up the corner of our living room.


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