Nest Smoke Detectors

When we got our ground floor electrics upgraded back in January, we got the electrician to install a wired in smoke and carbon monoxide detector system. By law in the UK, when you have a second floor bedroom, your smoke detector system needs to fully connected throughout the house so that someone on the top floor is made aware of a fire two floors below in the kitchen. Although we don’t have a second floor yet, the (very) long term plan is to undertake a loft conversion project and add a third bedroom upstairs. We therefore figured we would get the system installed now, to not only avoid wiring disruption later, but to enjoy and benefit from the system for longer.

I realised I never made a post about this last spring – but we ended up going with the Nest Protect – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector System. Not only do they look 100% nicer than your standard smoke detector, but they act as very dim night-lights which turn on when motion is detected, they talk to you politely when it detects smoke prior to the alarm sounding, and they are connected to your phone with the Nest app. So basically if your house is burning down, you’ll get a friendly message at work alerting you to that fact.


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