Nest Thermostat

… and while we are on the fun topic of ‘smart home’ controls… We also bought a Nest thermostat. I just remembered that I never made a post about this when we installed it earlier this year, so now that the weather has turned cold and we recently started using it again – it seems like an appropriate time to introduce you to it.

Like the Nest smoke detector it is a beautifully designed object (which makes me happy), and it is also a neat little gadget which links up with the Nest iphone app (which makes Alex happy). So if we forget to turn off the heating when we leave to run a weekend errand we can do it remotely. It is also fully programmable via the app, so can come on and off multiple times a day. It also learns when you are away, and what temperature you like so turns off automatically when it knows you are at work. Clever.

It was installed last year in February, so we are looking forward to seeing if this more finely tuned system will have made any impact on our heating bills from October – February this year.


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