Hall Cupboard

When we undertook our Grand Hall renovation, we decided to keep the little built in cupboard beside the fireplace. Not only did it give us much needed storage space, but it was one of the original features left in the house from when it was built so we felt it was nice to keep it. We finally finished off the finishing touches to the interior last weekend – and here it is!

We gave the cupboard a complete overhaul internally to better suit our needs:

  1. We got the electrician to install two double sockets at high level to create a ‘charging station’ for our iphones and ipads.
  2. We got a carpenter friend to help us install two new 18mm thick MDF shelves as the original ones were split, cracked and warped.
  3. We lined the shelves with self adhesive cork – available in rolls from Amazon here via craft store Fred Aldous where many other nifty cork products can be found! Thanks goes out here to my friend Heather in Chicago (whose beautiful apartment you may remember here) for this brilliant idea. I love it and am trying hard to resist lining everything in the stuff now!
  4. Because the cupboard is not 600mm deep, (the depth required to fit standard coat hangers), I ordered some inexspensive oak dowels (22mm and 30mm diameter for £3 and £4 each for a 1m length) from G&S Specialist Timber. I had them cut to make coat hooks inspired by the ones I saw here for coats and bags.  The pegs were screwed from the back into a piece of 12mm MDF which was then fixed to the wall with the screw holes filled and painted over so that there are no visible fixings.
  5. To give us more space for shoes, unfortunately the depth wasn’t sufficient to use the same technique as in my old flat which you can see here, so I had to think of alternatives. Hanging them on pegs like the coats seemed like a viable solution and in the end works quite well… as with small shoes I can put both on one peg.
  6. To bring a pop of happy sunshine into the room every time the cupboard door is opened, I decided to paint the interior bright  yellow.

One thought on “Hall Cupboard

  1. LOVE IT ALL! And I immediately noticed the cork liner in the photos before I even read the text 🙂 We might be stealing your door painting happiness idea this winter. xo

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