Shutters for the Guest Room

You may remember my post on Shutters back in June this year… well, they were on a 9 week lead time and so were finally installed in September, just before we left on our holiday to Sicily.  I was waiting to make a post about the shutters until we got the bed, so you’d have the complete picture – but I think they deserve a post of their own.

The shutter installation from Shutterly Fabulous is really neat and there are no visible screw fixings whatsoever. The quality of the factory sprayed panels is flawless and smooth. I also feel that going with white hinges was the right choice as your eye isn’t drawn to any visual ‘clutter’ on the panels.  The box frame which holds the shutters projects a little more than I was anticipating, and there are a few more magnets that I wasn’t expecting to see, but I’m now used to it all I don’t really notice these little things any more!  Of course they aren’t quite as nice when they are in the fully open position as the ones I had in my Georgian flat on Camberwell Grove, which folded neatly into recesses in the wall and were completely concealed from view – but I am pleased with the overall result and now we don’t have to enter into the debate of curtains vs blinds for this room!


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