Guest Room Fireplace hearth

Last weekend to help with the guest room ‘space being tight at the bottom of the bed’ issue, I finally got around to removing the old gas fireplace and modern hearth stone.  As the newer stone hearth was installed on top of the old concrete hearth, it created a step (and a potential trip hazard) that you had to walk over to get past. You can see this issue in the first ‘before’ images.

Luckily with a bit of prying the hearth stone came loose in one large piece to revealing the original concrete hearthstone which was happily in quite good condition.  For now I have decided to leave the traces of red oxide paint as the floorboards are also quite dark. I may eventually sand it all off when we get around to sanding the floorboards, but for now I will enjoy this deep blood red colour from the past.

I was then left with the task of dismantling the old fireplace fittings and hacking out the layer of concrete screed that had been added to raise the level of the fireplace area.  We had the all 5 of the gas fireplaces disconnected when we moved in because we knew we didn’t want them aesthetically and because they were identified as a potential safety risk in our home owners survey report.  With this done, there wasn’t any safety risk in me taking apart the old fittings – it was just a matter of unscrewing all the components.

I then used a bit of wood filler to tidy up the nicks and dents at the base of the fireplace surround, which I then sanded smooth and painted.

I intend to paint the interior matt black, which will tidy up the edge and concrete interior… but above are the images to date. Just removing that step has made a huge difference to how the space feels when you walk past the end of the bed, even though it doesn’t look very different!


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