Guest Room Bed

You will remember back in early August I made a post about our guest room being nearly ready for guests.  Well, as we have some friends coming from Canada to stay with us in early November for a week, we figured we better sort out the remaining bits and pieces.

The original plan was not to buy the bed while the bathroom works were being undertaken so we could move our bed into the guest room and the master bedroom could be used as a workshop. However, having received the quotes back for our bathroom make-over, we have decided to delay the works until the new year to save up a bit more cash and to avoid the risk of being mid way through construction over the Christmas holidays. This means that we will have two sets of guests staying with us before the refurbishment – so it made sense for us to buy a double bed now.

Last weekend we temporarily moved our UK King sized (Canadian Queen sized) bed into the guest room just to test out how it fit. It turns out that it is a bit tighter than I anticipated to get past the foot of the bed (I hadn’t accounted for the projecting fireplace hearth stone and mantle piece), so we have decided to get a double bed which is 10cm shorter.  A double bed is also 15cm narrower, which will help in this small room.

After much internet research to find a bed which didn’t have a deep frame that would increase the length, we finally settled on the Brighton Bed from Warren Evans. Warren Evans isn’t exactly known for nice, contemporary style beds, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Brighton Bed with its simple flat headboard.


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