Basin Taps

Now that the weather has started to turn grey, we have picked up where we left off and are making progress on our bathroom refurbishment project.

Having decided on a wall mounted tap (to keep our basin clear and easy to wipe clean), and separate hot and cold taps (so we can run the cold water only when brushing our teeth), I set about trying to find a suitable model that looked nice, and whose spout wasn’t so long that it would pour over our narrow depth basin onto the floor!

Being an architect I am regularly exposed to beautiful and ridiculously expensive Scandinavian taps such as the one above on the wood background from Vola, available for a mere £864! Eeek! Other companies have realised that architects want this style but cant afford the price tag and so we’ve opted for the very similar Mike Pro from a well respected UK based company called Crosswater.  I was keen to avoid a very chunky tap spout as the basin I chose is quite small and was pleased that the Crosswater version has the same 19mm diameter as the Vola spout.  Listed for £300 on their website, I managed to find it online in a clearance sale for half the price.   I believe that if you can, you should always spend money on the things that you interact with on a daily basis, (taps being one of those things),  we just couldn’t quite justify the designer price tag!


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