Guest Home Tour – Claire & Sam in Manchester

Last weekend we went up to Manchester to visit our good friends Claire and Sam. Claire is an architect who I used to work with in London, and her partner Sam is in IT so, like Alex, enjoys a good home gadget.  (Much heated debate about the merits of a Nest vs Tado thermostat system ensued…)

Like us, Claire & Sam have been slowly renovating the rooms in their home over the past year, and it has been great to exchange tips and give each other the odd design crit throughout the process.  They recently undertook a more extensive refurbishment of their kitchen, utility area, and bathroom.  Their new home looks entirely fantastic – even though there is still a little bit of painting to be completed. ;o)

Neat lines of recessed LED lighting strips illuminate their kitchen area and speakers are carefully integrated into the soffit area above the island with its crisp white Silestone top. To add warmth and texture to all this bright whiteness,  beautiful birch ply cabinet doors and open shelving have been installed here and in their walk in utility/ pantry area. Their bathroom features a concealed slot drain corian sink and back painted glass wall panelling throughout which looks clean and fresh and bounces light around. The hexagon tiles in their kitchen extend into the entrance hallway linking the spaces and visually expanding the space.   Their renovation also included a pair of fully glazed doors into their garden, and an enormous picture window between their kitchen countertops which aligns with their front entrance door so that you can catch glimpses of their garden from the moment you enter the house.

Congratulations you two!


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