Guest Home Tour – Anne Sophie in Paris

A few weekends ago you will remember that Alex and I went to Paris to visit my good friend Anne Sophie and her husband. Anne-Sophie was kind enough to let us stay in her beautiful apartment right in the heart of town (with its view of the Eiffel Tower) and I couldn’t help snap a few photos.

When she bought the apartment it had a low ceiling, but she managed to buy the roof space above from the freehold and raise the ceiling right up to the rafters to create an airy, light filled space.  The space is compact, but she’s made it feel bigger by installing full height sliding mirror doors in her bedroom, having sliding pocket doors on the bathroom and bedroom, and by creating a clever internal window in her bedroom which allows you to see through it and catch glimpses of the terrace beyond from her entrance area.

She has also gained another room in the summer months as she has made her terrace such a lovely place to be.  She has cleverly put varying height planters at the ends of her terrace to add greenery at different levels with different shape leaves while still leaving space for a small table and chairs in the centre. A timber trellis allows grape vines to grow up it, creating shade and more privacy at the bedroom end of her balcony.

Merci beaucoup pour nous avoir permis de rester dans votre belle maison Anne Sophie!


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