One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today we finally, (after much stress, drama and turmoil during the conveyancing process) moved into our new home.  I can’t believe how fast the year has flown by – it seems like only yesterday that the rooms were filled with cardboard boxes, the walls were empty (and green!), and we were enjoying the first breakfast in our garden…

As a reminder of just how far we’ve come so far, I’ve included some before & after photos of our Phase 1 (Living Room, Grand Hall & Hallway) & Phase 2 (Guest Bedroom).  There are still a few bits and pieces to sort out in each space (like new curtains in the living room, the red ones we are now using were left to us by the previous owner), but overall a lot of progress has been made, so thanks everyone for following, commenting, and answering questions along the way.

(…and a very big thank you to Alex for going on this journey with me. I know you have put up with a lot of indecisiveness on my part, and a lot of very detailed research on subjects which you probably didn’t really care to know about. So thank you for always being so supportive…) 

The Living Room


The Grand Hall

150808-GrandHall3-Before&After150808-GrandHall2-Before&After The Hallway

150808-HallwayOut-Before&After150808-HallwayIn-Before&AfterAnd Lastly, the Guest Room.150808-GuestRoomFirePlace-Before&After150808-GuestRoom-Corner-Before&After


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