Grand Hall Light & Shelf

The shelf in our grand hall (above) has been up for a little while now, we got it built at the same time as the long shelf in our living room – but it just took a little longer to finish as we got it professionally sprayed to give it a more durable, wipeable finish. We went with a 20% gloss which is a smooth satin surface.

I also just realised that I never made a post about the pendant light we bought for our grand hall which I was researching ages ago along with the living room light. As with the hallway lights, we wanted an opal globe of some sort so it would light the whole space and ceiling. In the end we went with the Muuto Fluid pendant in the large size shown above.  Its simple and contemporary, and looks like a squashed marshmallow, so I’m really pleased with it!

Lights should typically be hung 28-34″ above the table, and ours is at 34″ as otherwise it was right in the middle of Alex’s eye line when seated! When the space becomes our main entrance hall we will simply raise the light up so it clears head height.


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