Small Desk Search

As our guest room nears completion, I have been looking high and low on my lunch hours for a small desk to fit in the 1m of space we have beside the chimney breast. The cast iron sewing table I refurbished for my old flat (see it here) doesn’t quite fit, and in any case, I feel its not quite right for the room. With the decorative fireplace surround and panelled shutters coming soon I feel the room needs some contemporary furniture to avoid it all looking a bit too twee. In small spaces I believe that everything needs to serve more than one purpose to earn its keep and the guest room is no exception. For now, when it is not being used by visitors, it will be our study/ home office.  You’d think in London where space is at such a premium that there must be lots of small desk options, but in fact there were only 3 that I found which would actually fit.  I considered buying trestle table legs and making my own top, but with the legs at 46cm wide each, there would be no space for the chair! I’ve decided to include my research here for desks less than 150 cm long in case any of you are looking for something similar – in a wide range of prices from bargain to dream wish list. I was after something clean lined, white or oak, and contemporary. From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. IKEA – Alex Desk – 131Lx60Dx76H – £120 (Matching drawer unit also available)
  2. Another Country – Desk One (Shown in Black, available in oak) – 120Lx50Dx74H – £875
  3. Another Country – Desk Three – 140Lx50Dx72H – £918
  4. Etsy – Habitables – Lacquered & Oak Desk – 99Lx50Wx75H – £417
  5. Heals – Blu Dot Stash Desk White (Also available in Black) -107Lx61Dx75H – £335
  6. Heals – BluDotCantDesk – 107Lx63Dx86H – £590
  7. Habitat – Cato – 75Lx45Dx77H – £125
  8. Habitat – Quint – 122Lx43Dx84H – £295
  9. Made In Design – Gaston Wall mounted Desk – (Also available with pink drawers) 60Lx32Dx72H – £400
  10. Not On The High Street – Obi Furniture Statement Desk (Also available with green or orange tops) – 107Lx50Dx80H – £875
  11. Not On The High Street – Urban Icon Mysty Console Table – 100Lx40Dx76H – £795
  12. Tom Raffield – Salt Table – 98Lx70Dx70H – £795 (More of a table than a desk as its quite deep)
  13. Biggs & Quail – Walnut MidCentry Modern Desk with Hairpin legs – 120Lx62Dx75H – £750
  14. Winter’s Moon – Perky Formica Table (also available in grey and teal) – 108Lx59Dx75H – £295

So many of these would almost but don’t quite fit. The only four that work are the one from Etsy with two oak drawers, the Cato from Habitat (which I don’t particularly like), The Salt Table (which is too deep for the room), and the wall mounted Gaston desk (which is lovely, but our massive desk top mac won’t fit!)


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