A Round Mirror for above the Fireplace

When I went to IKEA to investigate the shelves for the guest room storage I couldn’t help coming home with this elegant Stockholm Walnut framed mirror.  A lot of things from IKEA are cheaply made, and are only designed to last a few years, so we don’t tend to go there for furniture anymore, but it does always surprise me with the odd quality piece and this mirror was one of them!  OK, so its Walnut veneer, but if you want solid walnut you are looking at a £675 price tag for a similar sized mirror from Heals and this one from IKEA was a tenth of the price.

The mirror has been sitting on the floor leaning against the fireplace in our living room since May looking somewhat arty and casual, but while in picture framing mode over the weekend, we finally got around to putting it up.

Elle Decoration gives advice on how to hang a mirror here if you want to read more, but in general you should have at least two hooks for security, and when positioned above a fireplace, it should be hung 4-5″ above the mantle piece so that it doesn’t interfere with anything you may put on it. We haven’t found our fireplace surround yet (I’ve been focusing on other bits and pieces), so we had to make an educated guess based on the one we have in our guest room.  

Now we have a view of our colourful bookshelf from the sofa!


One thought on “A Round Mirror for above the Fireplace

  1. i really love the crisp edge of the fireplace and the soft round edge of the mirror. the whole room looks great — wall color, light fixture — well done!

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