Our long floating bookshelf of colour

One of the ideas I had when we first moved in almost a year ago was to install a shelf that would run the full length of our living room above the picture rail to hold our colourful collection of paperbacks.  I figured it would add a pop of colour to the room, and these books could be positioned out of reach as we don’t access our novels that frequently.

Well, that shelf has finally been realised! I had a carpenter build the shelf a few weeks ago during the week and we recently finished painting it and loading it up with all our books.

The shelf is comprised of 5mm MDF box supported on a frame of 1″x2″ timber battens to keep it slim and elegant. (The edge profile is only 34mm thick).  There are no ‘L’ shaped support brackets below (or above) as the cantilever is only 180mm and the shelf also gains a little bit of extra support from the picture rail on which it sits.  Unlike the box frame shelf that I had installed in our Grand Hall that you can see in the images here, which was designed to slide off so I could get it professionally sprayed, this one is fixed in place and hand painted the same colour as the walls.  Our carpenter advised that it would be much more solid if he could screw the MDF box into the support frame. Additionally, as the shelf was made from 3 pieces by opting for a fixed box, we could use a bit of filler to fill between the shelves and eliminate the joints so it appears as one long floating unit.


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