Bathtub Selection

As there is just one bathroom in our house, after much thought, we figured it would be best that this bathroom have a bathtub, rather than just a walk in shower. Even when we undertake the loft extension in the distant say ten years future,  the ensuite created in the loft will really only have space for a little shower and for what will eventually be a 4 bedroom house – it seems appropriate that there be at least one tub.

There are number of decisions that need to be made when selecting the tub. Here are my thoughts and decisions:


Although there is a lot of choice in the length of tubs available, this decision has been made for us as we only have space for a compact 1400mm wide tub. If you have more space, I’d recommend a longer tub so you can lie down more. Our tub is a nice 1800mm long now and it will be a little bit sad to see it go!

Integrated vs Freestanding

Free-standing Victorian style tubs, or their contemporary successors, although beautiful, are really designed for much bigger bathrooms than the one we are working with. The shortest Victorian tub I could find was a ‘double ended’ 1500mm long tub from Victoria Plumb where the tap goes in the middle rather than at the end to save on length. Contemporary tubs like the one above, (See this similar one available at Victoria Plumb) are even bigger at 1690mm. Alas, however our bathroom is only 1400mm long so that decision was made for us – integrated it is.

Steel vs Acrylic

The final decision is Steel vs Acrylic. I summarise the pros and cons of Steel below:

Steel Pros

  1. Sharper, crisper edges as materials is pressed not vacuum formed
  2. Brighter white is a better match to other sanitary ware
  3. More resistant to cleaning products
  4. Retains heat longer so wont need to top up with hot water during a long soak

Steel Cons

  1. More likely to chip enamel if something is dropped on it (not impact resistant)
  2. Heavier
  3. More expensive
  4. Available in Less sizes – I need a short 1400 long bath and I haven’t found one in this length.
  5. Cold to step into

So, all things considered, I found the nice clean lined integrated acrylic tub shown above, (1400×700) from the bathstore here.


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