Bathroom Plan

I thought it best to include a floorplan of the bathroom proposal so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about! Currently the back ‘wing’ of the house on the first floor has a bathroom with tub and sink, a separate toilet room, some linen cupboards, and a boiler cupboard.

The proposal is to keep the boiler where it is for now in the corner of the room. We will consider moving it to the loft or kitchen during phase 4 or 5.

We are then going to create a little study area at the back of the house over looking the garden – at 2m long, it will also be just big enough for a single bed.

The bathroom will be 1.4m wide, in order to have space for the corridor and 2.1m long. Its not overly generous, but is a pretty standard bathroom size.

When you don’t have a lot of space, it forces you to make decisions. After much thought, we decided that we’d get much more use out of a study where we can hide away all our papers, files and computer, than an over sided bathroom with 2 sinks to clean, a free standing tub that we don’t use very often looking pretty, and a walk in shower.


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