Toilet Selection

Despite the fact that the exterior wall of my future bathroom and study will get ruined when we build the side extension when temporary propping is installed, we have decided to go ahead with the bathroom renovation in the autumn. I am not intending to tile the exterior wall as it happens, so I will ‘just’ need to protect the floor and patch and fill the holes in the brick wall and allow for some re-plastering and painting.  The reason for this slightly inconvenient ordering is that it may be 5 years or more before we can afford to undertake the side return and that just seems far too long of a time to be living with our pink bathroom!

On the plus side, when we do get around to undertaking the side extension, we wont be living without a kitchen AND a bathroom at the same time. And I am hoping that by creating an extra ‘bedroom’ this may bump up our property value a bit, thereby allowing us to release some equity next year when we re-mortgage to fund the work.

So, in preparation (because as with any project there are a lot of decisions to make), I am starting to choose all the fixtures and fittings so that I save cost and the contractor doesn’t have to do this work.

It seems logical therefore to start with the toilet.  I’ve decided on a wall mounted toilet so that visually they take up less space in the room, and it makes cleaning the floor beneath easy as there is no place for dirt and grime to get stuck.

We tend to specify Duravit toilets at the office, so as I am familiar with them I’m going to go for one here too. It appears they aren’t that much more expensive than what you would get at a discount store like the, but they look a lot nicer!

I don’t generally spend a lot of time researching toilets, but during my search, (as I’m sure you will all also be fascinated to learn…), I learnt that Duravit has developed a new flushing technology that is designed with an open easily accessible rim area called the Duravit Rimless. All of their toilet ranges have this as an option, and it costs about £20-£30 more for this version. Something to consider.

Duravit toilets also come with a WonderGliss coating that is fired into the surface which makes ceramics easier to clean and wipe down. Another good feature!

Luckily I have enough space so don’t need a compact depth toilet, but am debating between these simple lined bowls above – from left to right – The Happy D.2, The Stark 3, The Stark 3 Compact and the Darling New.


2 thoughts on “Toilet Selection

  1. Very clean lines. Where is the water source?

    Connie Hunt (Hamson) Connie Hunt-Hill Realty Ltd. Hunt Hill Management Inc. 905-763-6866


  2. The water source will be located In a concealed cistern directly behind the bowl. I will box out the wall behind the toilet to hide it!

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