Shutterly Fabulous

Summer seems to have sort of arrived in London, so our progress has slowed a little bit while we take time to enjoy the good weather. That said, I have been moving forward in the evenings after work with various bits and pieces of research. I recently ordered some solid wood shutters for the guest room. One of my favourite features of my old Georgian flat on Camberwell Grove were the solid wood bedroom shutters (also seen here).  I loved closing them up for the night and feeling safe and secure up on the 2nd floor from the wind, and flinging them open in the morning to let in the sun.

I wasn’t 100% certain about having new internal shutters in a Victorian house as there is no integrated pocket recessed in the wall to close them into so they just look like part of the wall panelling.  I changed my mind however after staying at the Ace Hotel in NYC where each room had amazing solid wood shutters which were painted black and which folded back against the wall and looked really great.

There were loads of decisions I had to make, so here they are:

  1. Hinge colour – I opted for white instead of matching the stainless steel elsewhere so they are less visible.
  2. Door Knobs – I decided on ‘no knobs’ as the salesman told me it would make the shutters look like a pantry door!
  3. Profile – I went for ‘Shaker style’ with a flat edge profile to match the other doors in the house.
  4. Colour – I decided on Bright white to match the white trim paint throughout the room
  5. Solid or Slatted – I always wanted solid shutters as they block out more light, and I dont need them for privacy in the day. Ie. I wont be keeping the shutters in the closed position in the day.
  6. Company – I got quotes from Hillarys, Plantation Shutters Ltd and Shutterly Fabulous. Apart from the name being brilliant, I also got the best price from Shutterly Fabulous.
  7. Frame profile – This is the frame that the shutters sit in, and I was keen for this to be flat and plain. Only Shutterly fabulous and Hillarys seemed to offer this as the Plantation Shutters are fixed from the front and to hide the screw fixings a bead is pressed into the frame leaving you with a joint which I didn’t really like.

Interestingly both Hillary’s and Plantation Shutters (and most of the other shutter companies) get their shutters made in the same factory in China called Nien Made. Shutterly fabulous shutters also come from China (on a 9 week delivery time) at a different factory and their spec is a little bit different.


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