A spot of gardening

One of the trees in our garden was in need of a hair cut and a bit of shaping, and so we sorted that out last weekend while the sun was shining. We want to make sure that our trees don’t grow out of control and shade our sunny garden.

Although it is preferable to prune trees in autumn or winter when they are dormant, we didn’t think of this last winter being so focused on interior renovation work.  After reading a few more articles on line, I learnt that a bit of light summer pruning is in fact acceptable (Kew Gardens does it so that’s validation enough for me!).  Comforted by that fact, we thought it better to give our tree a trim while we could still reach the branches rather than wait another year.  (For those of you with observant eyes, the broken garden fence post is being repaired this week!)

On another garden matter – does anyone know if we are supposed to remove the dead flowers from this sedum plant on the right? Images of it last summer here.


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