Re-purposed Gas Light

You may remember a photo of the original gas light in my second ever blog post.   Well, I finally got around to finishing up the restoration so here are some photos of the final result.   When I stripped off all the layers of paint to get down to the bare metal, it was quite scratched and dented so didn’t really look great. Although I don’t generally like to paint over natural materials, it felt like the right thing to do here to tidy it up.  I painted the metal with an undercoat of Dulux Professional Undercoat paint which acts as a filler to fill in all the scratches and create a nice smooth base. I then finished the metal with 2 coats of acrylic model maker paint in Gunmetal Grey to match our radiators.  I stripped all the paint off the red wood rose back in January, but the colour didn’t look right in our grey hallway, so that got a coat of white paint.  The paint stripping was still worth while as it had lost a lot of its definition under all those layers of old paint.


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