Guest Home Tour – Heather’s Chicago Apartment

As there hasn’t been too much progress on the guest room, I thought that I would share with you a few photos from my good friend Heather’s fabulous Chicago home. I stayed with Heather for a few relaxing days last weekend when I was in town enjoying good food and good company.

Heather works at the Art Institute of Chicago and also has an Etsy Store called Twigs Twine and Thyme where she sells the beautiful wreaths she makes in her home studio.  Everywhere I turned in her apartment, a perfectly set out composition of driftwood, furniture, art and plants was just waiting to be photographed. Each room is painted a different colour, but all the spaces still flow together perfectly through use of a similarly toned colour palette and a theme of nature and plants throughout.

It was great to catch up after 6 years and exchange home decor and organisation ideas… watch this space for a few which I intend to import to London shores.


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