Phase 2 – Guest Room Works Started!

We aren’t quite finished Phase 1, but I am bored of touching up edges and sanding so decided to take a ‘break’ from that with some good ‘ole fashioned wall paper stripping. Having honed our technique in Phase 1 we made quick work of the guest room this weekend.  On Saturday afternoon I stripped off the top more plastic layer of wallpaper, and then this afternoon the two of us removed the bottom paper layer.  It was really satisfying to get this far in a weekend and attack a smaller more manageable area after so many long days working in the hallway and watching progress only slowly inch forward.

As previously, it was fun to discover a few old layers of wallpaper and paint when we removed the top layer. It looks like the room was once painted a rich grass green, and then wallpapered over with a small floral paper after that.

The electrician came in earlier in the week to move the light switch over to the other side of the door (it was on the ‘wrong’ side as you enter away from the door swing), and install one more wall socket.  Now we just need to strip the wall paper in the cupboard and the room will be ready for plastering.


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