Guest Room Storage Plan

Having figured out the big moves for our future building extensions I suddenly realised that we would be losing all of our hallway cupboards:

  1. The downstairs cupboard beneath the stair which holds all our coats, the hoover and cleaning stuff will eventually become a downstairs WC
  2. The first floor landing cupboard which houses all my shoes and Alex’s games and consoles will have to go to make way for the stair to the loft
  3. The cupboards near the bathroom filled with bedding and towels need to come out to fit a WC and study into this area.

The secret to achieving a tidy minimalist home is having lots of storage so everything can be hidden away – so it is high time I gave this some serious thought – starting with the Guest room.

Although I like a good wall of built in floor to ceiling cupboards – I feel this only works in big rooms as otherwise it makes a small room feel much smaller and oddly proportioned. Plus I feel they don’t look right projecting out infront of chimney breasts from floor to ceiling (low level cabinets are ok as  you still see the chimney breast).

So my storage plan for the guest room is:

  1. Keep the little original built in cupboard. Not only is it original from when the house was built in 1898, but custom joinery is expensive so we’re going to stick with it for now.
  2. Install a high level box shelf in the opposite niche (like the one in the Grand Hall) that aligns with the top of the cupboard. This way the space beneath the shelf remains flexible and we can put either a desk or wardrobe for hanging space below it. For now it will have a desk so we can get better use out of the room.
  3.  Install a run of IKEA cabinets at high level above the door along the full length of bed wall to store things we don’t use that often (like all of Alex’s vintage computer games and our Christmas decorations!).
  4. Buy a bed with space beneath for under-bed storage boxes.
  5. Install hooks behind the door so that Guests can hang any clothes there while we have the desk in the niche instead of a wardrobe.

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