Guest room Material Board

One of the issues I am having with my dark blue grey living room is deciding on the colour and finish of the joinery. I admit that I didn’t quite think the whole room through from the beginning so have put the finishing touches on hold for now while I deliberate. To avoid the current internal struggle again, I have prepared a material board for the spare room (Yes, we are about to start Phase 2!). I may veer off from this, but at least I’ve roughly considered everything.   The only other item I need to decide on is the ceiling pendant light shade, but it will be a white globe of some sort and shape!

1. Bent ash wood bed from Muji
2. Loop grey carpet from Heals
3. Chrome Anglepoise lamp (relocated from our living room)
4. White satin sprayed solid wood shutters
5. Sanded and white stained floorboards
6. White painted trim and fireplace
7. Chiffon 1 by Dulux for the walls which you may remember from this post.
8. Art as described in previous post
9. Ombré throw cushion from Etsy
10. White bedding TBC
11. Light grey throw from John Lewis


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