Some art work for our walls

We just got back from visiting friends in Cardiff this weekend, so there not much to report yet on the DIY front… so I will write a quick post about art.

When Alex and I were in New York I kept my eye open for prints and artwork as I always think its nice to buy art while on holiday. Not only does art not take up any counter, shelf or floor space, but when you look at the piece, happy memories of the holiday are always brought to mind. We purchased these two prints in New York, even though they have nothing to do with the city!  There is something about looking at water which is always calming and so as we don’t live on the Sea, we now have a little bit of it on our walls instead.

The photo of the surfers is called Waikiki No. 5 and is by photographer Max Wanger.  The other portal print with text is by Tina Crespo.   When Alex and I first met he took me surfing. Not in Waikiki but in the rain, in cold grey Cornwall… so when I look at that sunny turquoise water it somehow makes me smile.   We also  bought a cool subway poster from New York, but I’ll save that for another post as these two look so nice together tonally.


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