The next challenge

The next challenge in the hallway is the staircase.  We finally removed the green floral carpet and the above was revealed. I was hoping for an unpainted wood staircase that I would just leave as is for the time being, but with the different colours of paint, it just looks too unfinished.

Eventually I will get a carpet runner installed to run up the centre (leaving a white edge of painted wood on either side), but I don’t want to do that until phase 4 is complete as otherwise I will just have builders walking up and down the stairs tracking dirt into our new carpet – not ideal. My plan for now, after visiting countless raw, exposed brickwork galleries and cafe’s in New York, is to paint the edges white, but leave the middle natural so it:

  • Shows the dirt less
  • Is less slippery than gloss paint on a staircase
  • Shows the old boards through

I will have to spend some time masking a neat edge so this looks more ‘finished’, rather than just slop the paint on as I could have done had the carpet being going down immediately…


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