Painting with Sunshine

As you all know I have been on a quest to brighten up our once dark and gloomy hallway. Steps thus far have included:

  1. Knocked down the second reception room wall so it now gets daylight from an external window
  2. Removed the busy patterned wallpaper
  3. Painted the walls a light soft mist colour
  4. Painted all the ceilings bright white to encourage light to bounce around
  5. Installed an additional ceiling light in the downstairs hallway
  6. Used bright LED bulbs in all light fittings

My final move is to create some permanent sunshine to combat London’s rainy winter days by painting the hallway doors yellow. Yup. Yellow.  Bright glorious sunflower yellow.

There is a house on Grove Lane near my old flat with a beautiful sunshine yellow front door which I have always lusted after, and so I figured I’d try it out on our interior doors (as our front door doesn’t yet need re-painting). If it looks terrible, its just a door to re-paint not a whole room…. but I’m excited about bringing in a slightly wacky unexpected element into the otherwise quite calm interior.  I think its good to be brave with paint colour as its so easy and inexpensive to change it if it doesn’t quite turn out as expected.

So, I have now purchased a tin of Dulux eggshell (no need for fancy water based paints for wood work as it isn’t really a problem if the paint yellows!). The colour is called ‘Sunflower Symphony No. 5’ so am ready to go for the Easter Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Painting with Sunshine

  1. Great idea, Julia.

    I know how you feel about making decisions about one’s own home as opposed to doing it with much ease with a clients home.


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