Door knobs

This weekend we are gearing up to get a bit more painting done in our hallway including the rest of the skirting, the doors and the door architraves.

Which brings us to doorknobs. Once our doors are freshly painted, the existing white ceramic door knobs which are adorned with pink roses and little birds (not original to the house) will look out of place and will need replacing. But the big question is with what?  As always fellow friends and readers… cast your votes!

I cant decide between going with something Victorian or Modern. Some beautiful nickel or ebonised wood beehive knobs will go with the traditionally styled 4 panel door and I like how they look – but if I’m being historically accurate these beehive knobs are probably more fancy than what would have been installed originally. Glass knobs apparently came into fashion in the 1940s, so aren’t accurate historically, but also look great as I saw on my friend PJ’s Boston Flat – and maybe that’s not so important! Alternatively, the door knob could be the place to provide contrast  with something more contemporary and clean lined (like the D Line stainless steel lever handle).  Getting the balance right between looking too traditional or weirdly modern is actually really quite difficult  (I’m still not 100% convinced by my vintage schoolhouse lights and think I need to move them into a more modern setting.. but more on that later!).  Another half way house option is a traditionally shaped knob, but in a contemporary stainless steel finish.

Help! Its impossible as an architect to made decisions for your own home!

  1. Antique nickel door knob from Cheshire Hardware
  2. DLine 14mm diameter satin stainless steel lever handle with concealed screws snap on rose
  3. DLine diameter stainless steel knob with concealed fixing and snap on rose a similar one here also available from Allgood FSB range 40803
  4. Nickel Beehive door knobs from Willow & Stone
  5. Black ebonised wood beehive handle with nickel rose from Willow & Stone
  6. Modric 2505 knob handle from Allgood

2 thoughts on “Door knobs

  1. i like options 1, 2, 3, and 6. i realize that’s barely narrowed anything down and ultimately what i’m saying is that i just don’t like the beehive knobs. i think any of these (1, 2, 3, 6) are good options as they are modern without calling too much attention to themselves and the handled knob options nod to the past if you are feeling like you don’t want to go “too far”.

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