Breakfast will be served in the Grand Hall…

We’ve been using our Grand Hall as our ‘formal’ dining area since last week when we had friends over for dinner… but here is the full view of it as it looked coming downstairs this morning.  The staircase and pendant light still need to be addressed but as Alex and I are both recovering from horrible colds and the flu, that probably won’t happen this weekend.  And in any case, if I sit facing the fireplace, I don’t see all the little jobs left to do behind me and can try to pretend they aren’t there.

The white painted fireplace surround will eventually be replaced with a nice long bench when I find one (no easy task as I’m sure Connie you can attest to!). For now while I wait for someone to buy it on gumtree it makes quite a nice shelf for spring flowers.

Progress this week however did include getting the ceiling of our front reception plastered. Yes, I know. The order is all wrong…. you really shouldn’t be plastering the ceiling in room where all the walls have been painted – but at the time when we had the plastering done, our ceiling looked ok compared to the walls and just had a few small cracks so to save on cost we decided to leave it.    After filling the few cracks with the wrong plaster, and having a hard time sanding it smooth – the filled cracks actually looked 100% WORSE than when we started.  I decided that we really had to get in the professionals to sort it out or else it would annoy me every time I looked upwards in that room.   Luckily – the new plasterer was very tidy and carefully protected all the walls with plastic, so I don’t think too much damage will be done to the finished paint. 


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