A new slate hearth

Some of you with eagle eyes may have noticed a nice new looking black slate hearth in the photos posted yesterday… Well, I’d love to tell you that it was there all along hiding beneath the carpet just waiting to be discovered, but alas that wasn’t the case.

What we found was a cracked old piece of concrete – it wasn’t even stone.  And because we enlarged the opening back to the brick chimney breast,  the back half of the hearth stone was just rubble (see photos).  So, obviously that needed to be sorted out.  Luckily I had a contact that I had used on a job at work – Jon Medding at JM Fireplace Installations – who was available to help me out. About a week ago Jon came by to take a few measurements and we placed an order with him for two new slate hearths to the front and rear reception rooms.

I learnt that as the slate slabs are relatively thin (20mm), if you have one large piece, it has a tendency to crack if you install a wood burning stove on top because of the temperature differential across its surface.  So, that meant I had to go with two rectangular pieces for the front room (as one day we will have a wood burner in here!). Although it is possible to get a ‘T’ shaped hearthstone in one piece, it is a lot more expensive because of the offcuts, and so I opted for two rectangular pieces for the rear reception too to save on cost.  I am pleased with the result and choice as the joint is barely visible.

The hearths went in last week, but I only got around to photographing them on the weekend…


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