The Blue Room almost complete!

Well, here it is at long last – our new blue front reception room!    In the spirit of optimism, I’m going to call it a tie with our hyacinth – now in full bloom.  I am really pleased with the overall result, and glad that I had the courage to take the plunge with the darker blue as it is a really striking result. (Thanks for your support followers!). The interesting thing about painting the window frames dark blue is that your eye longer seems focus on them, and instead you see the view beyond more clearly.

I look forward to adding the finishing touches and soft furnishings in due course (like finding the perfect cushions, and hanging the art on our walls), but for now the bulk of the ‘grunt work’ is done.

We are going to leave the floorboards as they are for now because not only are they in better condition that we expected and look quite nice with the blue, but because its nice to live in a space that is constantly changing and evolving.

So, left to do:

  1. Touch up plaster around sockets and switches and install faceplates.
  2. Second coat of paint on the window frames
  3. Paint the door
  4. Install our new ceiling pendant light
  5. Figure out what to do with the window treatment
  6. Find a suitable salvaged fireplace surround

6 thoughts on “The Blue Room almost complete!

    1. Yes, I quite like the clean lined aesthetic too now that its all painted. A new fireplace surround is certainly low on the list of priorities – so we will probably live with this look (and the unfinished skirting on either side, probably concealed by some strategically placed books and candles) for a little while. (….and my pleasure earlier!)

  1. Julia and Alex, I agree, the blue living room looks stunning.

    Can’t recall if the window is a slightly lighter shade of the blue or is it just the natural light?

    The floor looks in better shape than the flat, so as you say, live with it for a while and then make a decision.

    Take care.


    1. Ooo – yes – nice idea! I haven’t yet thought about the joinery to go in each fireplace niche yet to hide the stereo, cables etc and to store books – but that could all tie in nicely.

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