Wooden Pegs

As a break from all the sanding and base coat painting, and top coat painting, and re-painting.. I’ve been thinking about the little cupboard beside the fireplace (shown here) in our new ‘Grand Hall’ which will eventually serve as our coat cupboard. After much debate, rather than replace it with a new full height built in cabinet, and repeat this on the other side of the chimney breast, we decided to keep it.  This not only saves us money, but allows us to keep one of the few remaining original historic features of the house (even if it is a little pokey and quirky!).  It also allows space for the chimney breast to breath and remain expressed as a volume, rather than disappearing into a wall of cupboards which will also make the room feel narrower.

As the cupboard is only 300mm (roughly 12″) clear on the inside, this isn’t enough for a standard coat rail and hangers (you need 600mm or 24″ for that), so I’ve been thinking about how to hang coats in it. It seems a hook solution is the way to go, so I have decided to design my own wooden peg system to hang both coats and shoes (more on that later). Above is some inspiration I found online once I decided on the wooden pegs.  The full colour pegs are called PEG and are designed by Jonah Takagi,  while the others I just found on Pinterest and other blogs without reference.


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