A sneak peek…

We got one coat of the blue wall paint down last weekend in our front reception room, and one coat of Ermine Grey in the ‘Grand Hall’ – so this weekend we will do the second coats to those areas and finish the mist coat to the second floor stair hall.  I haven’t taken any overview photos of our new blue room as the skirting and window trim are still mint green and the picture rail is white – so it looks a bit odd at the moment.  Above however is a sneak peek of the colour behind some hyacinth bulbs I bought last weekend… I am really glad I went with the Raven Plume (the greyer blue), as its still pretty blue (so thanks for your votes!)

We are now racing against the hyacinth to see if we can finish the painting before it blooms!

The weather has turned pretty cold again, and so with no radiators in the hallway, dining room, or front reception room it gets pretty chilly in here. This is also giving us some incentive to give another good push this weekend and try to get the wall painting done so we can put the radiators back on the walls… Brrrr….


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