PhasingDiagram-G PhasingDiagram-2 PhasingDiagram-1 PhasingDiagram-Key

Having spoken about nearly completing ‘Phase 1’, I was asked recently about what the other phases are so figured I should give you all an overview. When you are an architect, the phases are probably infinite, with refreshing of the first phase in a few years time and beginning the cycle again (shhh, don’t tell Alex!)… but in essence the main phases to get the house fully refurbished and extended fall into 6 main phases.

  1. Front Reception, Rear Reception & Hallways (done first as these are the spaces we use and pass through with the most frequency)
  2. Spare bedroom (Done second so we can more comfortably have guests to stay, and because it is a small, nicely contained little project so will be a nice break from phase 1)
  3. Master bedroom (Done third as, like the spare bedroom, it is a lower cost refurbishment enabling us to save up for phase 3 and have more time over the summer to relax in our garden)
  4. Bathroom (Estimated roughly in September/ October 2015)
  5. Side Return & Kitchen (Estimated to start in August 2016 when our mortgage is up for renewal and we can consider re-mortgaging to help finance it)
  6. Loft extension (Probably not til 2020 or beyond, unless we win the lottery,  as we don’t need the space for now, but should do it as adding a bedroom will always pay for itself in terms of increased home value in the long run)

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