50 Shades of Grey…

… or well, 5 of them to be more precise!

We didn’t accomplish too much on the house over the weekend as I’ve been fighting off a cough and sore throat.. but I did manage to get up a few paint swatches.

I had thought about embracing the darkness and going for a dark blue in the hallway, but in the end chickened out and have decided to go for a light grey instead. (I know, I know, us boring architects and our grey… but watch this space for my ideas on how to liven it all up later!)

5 years ago I struggled to find that perfect light grey tone for the living room walls in my old flat and, after 4 sample pots ended up throwing in the towel and going for a medium grey (Night Jewels 4 from Dulux) instead which was, without any shadow of a doubt, GREY. To take a walk down memory lane, you can see that soft medium grey here, here and here.   For the shutters and woodwork I caved and went with the instantly perfect toned Farrow and Ball Cornforth white, seen here.

Well, this year I decided to try again… and 5 sample pots later I’ve settled on the shade.  I have learnt a few things along the way:

  1. Expensive paint companies like Farrow & Ball with their limited selection of just 132 colours with pretentious names like ‘Elephants Breath’, or even Sanderson, just have better shades of grey than Dulux or your standard trade paint variety.  I’ve found however that if you start with those colour charts, and try to find similar you won’t go too far wrong.
  2. Paint stores will often match the colours of these expensive paint companies… but you run the risk of the second batch not being quite the same if you don’t get enough the first time around. (Had that issue on a job at work. So get enough.)
  3. To remember which paint swatch is which, apply them in alphabetical order to the walls.
  4. Paint sample swatches on a wall opposite a window, but also in an area which gets no direct daylight.
  5. Paint the wall around your samples white (or paint up against a white ceiling) – grey sitting beside pink plaster will look blue even though it isn’t because of the contrast.

Paint colours from left to right:

Chiffon White (Dulux), Clouded Pearl (Dulux), Dusted Moss 3 (Dulux), Early Dawn Lt (Sanderson), Ermine Grey Lt (Sanderson).


2 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey…

  1. Love the caption. As always, the more choice the more difficult. You seem extremely busy up dating your home, Obviously a joy which I can understand and relate to.. Take care. Pace yourself😍😴😅

    Connie Hunt (Hamson) Connie Hunt-Hill Realty Ltd. Hunt Hill Management Inc. 905-763-6866


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