Filament Light Bulbs

For our refurbished hallway wall light I have decided to go with an exposed filament light bulb. The Edison filament light bulb was patented in 1880, just one year after our terrace was built in 1879, so although the wall light I am refurbishing was once illuminated with gas, it seems somehow fitting.

While looking online,  I discovered that very convincing looking filament style LED bulbs have now been developed (top row of images).  I couldn’t find them available on any UK based website, but you can get them online at Edison Light Globes  in the USA.

Staying closer to home, The Vintage Light Bulb Company sells both globe and pear shaped bulbs with three different types of filament (from left to right in the bottom row: Quad Loop, Squirrel Cage, and Spiral), along with lighting cable and sockets.  I haven’t decided yet between the globe or the pear shape, but I have settled on the squirrel cage filament…. so that decision is almost made!


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