Washing away the January Blues…

…with a brand new dishwasher!  This weekend our new dishwasher arrives and needless to say we are quite excited about it. January is a really great time to buy appliances as all of the stores are having sales and we managed to get the NEF dishwasher we had our eye on last year for 20% less.  It will probably be a week before it is hooked up as we need to make a few plumbing modifications, but we are one step closer to gaining valuable time back that is currently spent on dishwashing.  At about 15 min a day, 7 days a week – that’s 7.5 hours a month or almost a full working day!

As with everything, extensive research (because it is available) was undertaken in order to choose the right model… so to save you time if you are looking for a dishwasher I’ll share my process with you below.   I took 4 top brands (Miele, Bosch, NEF & AEG), and compared:

  1. Noise Level
  2. Water consumption
  3. Power consumption
  4. Number of place settings
  5. Price

The data was collected in a little excel table so I could more easily compare. To me the two most important features were having a quiet dishwasher, and lots of volume.  As you may remember from my posts on fridges and freezers, Bosch and NEF generally seem to be the same product, with NEF offering a few more token lux features. Not surprisingly these two came out with identical stats, performing well and being Energy Star A++ rated.  Surprisingly however, the Miele, at the most expensive by £100, was also the loudest (48 dB vs a much quieter 42 dB from NEF), and had space for one less place setting to NEF’s 13.

So, in the end we decided on the NEF (model: S51T69X3GB) so it matches our other appliances. Plus, the cute projected display on the floor which tells you how much time is left on the cycle tipped it over the Bosch version.  We do like the odd IT gadget in this household and are suckers for little details like this!


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