30 Day Minimalist Challenge – Part 2

Well, I’ve officially made it to 20 now, and have decided to stop there for 2015 as I’ve run out of areas to de-clutter!

Over the past 10 days I managed to throw out, recycle, give to charity or sell another 155 items. So if I add that to the previous 55 – I’ve managed to clear out 210 things!  I know some of these items are only little… but everything makes a difference

11 Not worn items of clothing

12 Duplicate Kitchen objects and two chipped bowls

13 Items of costume jewellery from my teenage years

14 Expired medicines and rarely used old nail polish

15 Comprised of 8 Zip disks, 1 Zip drive, 1 CD case, and 5 paper files (All transferred to my hard drive)

16 Comprised of 6 pairs of curtains (left by previous owners), 3 pairs of old shoes, 1 shelf, 1 set of coat hooks, 2 chandeliers, 1 lamp shade and 2 curtain rods.

17 Pens and pencils from the junk drawer

18 Items of recycled building waste including 13 pieces of non original timber chair rail, 5 lengths of cast barrel gas pipe, and one gas fire place unit. (Via gumtree)

19 Old electrical items

20 CDs


2 thoughts on “30 Day Minimalist Challenge – Part 2

  1. I like photos… it’s look like little project. I also start some pre – spring cleaning… De – cluttering. … I put to the bin more than half of cosmetics… old handbags… shoes and jewellery… There is lot of more work to be done. … but feeling already is great

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