Coming Up Against a Brick Wall

When we removed the timber fireplace surround in the living room we were expecting a nice big opening like in the dining room where, eventually, I intend to position a nice little wood burning stove. Unfortunately, we came up against a brick wall, literally!

The  fireplace had been entirely filled in with plaster and clinker brick.  After a bit of structural investigation with a flashlight and a chisel, we determined that there was indeed a supporting brick soldier course further up the chimney breast, and that the brick ‘legs’ on were the same width as in the other room (the brick changed colour and consistency and you could detect an edge). After a few more opinions to confirm our theory, we tentatively started removing the rubble, until eventually, after a long and very dusty weekend, the original structure was finally revealed!

While on the topic of brick I thought I’d also pass on a tip from my friend Claire who responded to my previous post about exposed brick… To seal brick without it looking too glossy while still letting it breath – use Polyvine Stone & Brick Protector – Dead Flat.  Thanks Claire!  If I end up going with exposed brick I will give it a go.


2 thoughts on “Coming Up Against a Brick Wall

  1. Life is full of surprises!  As always, enjoy your blog.All well here.  I get home on Sunday around 2 PM.LOL  Muz

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