Dining Room & Living Room Ceiling Lights

I’ve been thinking recently about what pendants to hang in the dining room and living room.

As with the hallway, my first thought for the living room is to choose something that is a frosted glass globe of some sort that throws light upwards onto the ceiling as well as downwards such as the classic oval shaped Jasper Morrison Glo Ball (top left). That said, if we are generally just watching tv in this room in the evenings, perhaps the light doesn’t need to be so bright here and a downlight only like the large copper rimmed Glaze Pendant from British designers Innermost (top row middle and right) would work. Alternatively, we could go with something quite sculptural and dramatic like the timber butterfly light made in Cornwall by British designer Tom Raffield, (bottom right) or the classic George Nelson Modernica light (middle row).

The challenge with the dining room is that it will be used as such until the side extension is built, but then after that it will become our ‘Grand Hall’ (we must dream big in our little London spaces) – so I am hoping to find something that will work in both situations. Any of the living room pendants suggested could be hung lower while over the table, and then raised up in the future when the space becomes our Grand Hall.  Alternatively, we could go with the less expensive Muuto version of the Jasper Morrison Glo ball with its flat bottom, shown in the image above the dining room table. Somehow this light reminds me of dimsum, or marshmallows. In a good way. These Muuto Fluid Pendants would have the benefit of not only being bright, but would match the translucent glass in the vintage milk glass hall lights which I have at last found for the hallway that the dining room is now open to. (Images to come when they arrive in the post!). Now to see what my other half thinks…


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