Plaster Removal Tools

Just a quick post to show you the tools we used to remove the plaster from the brick walls.   We didn’t really have the best hammer for the job, a bigger mallet would have been better…. but we used what we had on hand.  The chunky chisel type tool is called a brick bolster and is better for this sort of work than something sharper.  In terms of washing down the dust, we just used a strong bristled scrubbing brush and water. There are websites which talked about using muriatic acid to clean brickwork, but as we quite like the muted somewhat smudged effect we just went with water and it did the trick just nicely. If we leave it exposed, we will need to seal the brick with a clear sealant, but as we haven’t decided yet whether we will leave as is, or paint white, I haven’t investigated a suitable product.

Since removing the plaster from the dining room chimney breast and this photo was taken, we have removed the side cupboard so it can be re-built with new shelves and properly plastered on the interior.  We were just going to leave it in place, but figured we would get a better finish this way.

We finally got a decent quote for the plastering work, so that work will start tomorrow – Hooray!  It will take 5 days to complete the job, so in two weekends time it should be just dry enough to start painting the ceilings. I can’t wait!


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