30 Day Minimalist Challenge – Part 1

WARNING: It is advised that hoarders look away now as this post may contain content which is difficult to watch.

I have successfully completed ten days of the 30 day minimalist challenge and got rid of 55 items!  OK, they aren’t the largest of items, but every piece of clutter counts. So far things haven’t been too difficult, although I can see how the next ten days will be really quite challenging. Each day I have been going through a single shelf, drawer, or room to gather together the required number of items for removal.

My list of disposed items reads like a somewhat strange ’12 Days of Christmas’…

  • 1 pair of slippers (out with the old, in with the new Christmas slippers)
  • 2 work skirts (not worn in past year)
  • 3 shopping bags (6 still left)
  • 4 magazines (interesting buildings added to pinterest board)
  • 5 pairs of knickers
  • 6 pairs of tights
  • 7 mis-matched glasses
  • 8 pairs of socks
  • 9 old bits of makeup
  • 10 unnecessary electrical cables (contributions also provided from Alex’s collection)

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