Paint Stripping

Over the past few evenings I have been doing some very patient paint removal.  The paint stripper that I bought needs to sit for 10-15 min on the object, and then more product needs to be applied as the paint starts to bubble up, after which it needs to sit for a further 30-45min before it can be scraped off.  Ooof!

Following these instructions, the wooden wall pad for the wall light came up beautifully after two paint stripper applications as you can see (the deep cherry colour was unexpected!). Unfortunately however I am still working on the two faces that peer down at us in our hallway even after 6 applications… The older paint is bubbling less and the paint stripper seems to be less effective now, but maybe that’s just me being impatient!

Any tips welcome… I am worried that if I use sand paper to remove the paint at the lower layers, I risk sanding off the plaster definition.


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