Paint for Walls & Ceilings

I made a post earlier about paint for woodwork, so for completeness here is on on paint for walls & ceilings.

For ceilings, I generally go for pure bright white to help reflect and bounce the light around the room as much as possible. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some very successful coloured ceilings – I just haven’t embraced the concept (yet!).  My paint of choice for ceilings is Pure Dulux Brilliant White Vinyl Emulsion.   It is a good quality paint with good coverage and comes in large value buckets so is always economical. Not all whites are the same, so a word of warning not to change brands mid way through!

As for walls, I’ve used Dulux, Farrow and Ball and Johnsons in the past and all have done the trick. I always go for a basic vinyl emulsion in matt finish. This is especially important for dark colours as otherwise you will see hot spots where your lights are reflected in the walls.

The only exception to my matt wall finish ‘rule’ is in bathrooms (with showers in particular, I’m not talking about cloakrooms really). Here I like to go for a more durable steam resistant paint as matt tends to flake and peel with time.  I’ve been told Johnsons Acrylic Durable Matt is what you need as its durable, non-yellowing, and not too shiny. This paint can also be used around kitchen areas as grease can easily be wiped off it, although if I had an open kitchen diner, I’d probably go with matt and just accept that it needed re-painting more regularly.


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