Paint for wood trim

When I painted my flat on Camberwell Grove 5 years ago, I did a lot of research into the best paints to use for woodwork.  As I planned to paint my woodwork white, I was keen to avoid using a heavy oil based paint which would just turn yellow with time, so ended up going with Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell in 2005 All white.  This gave a nice soft sheen and wasn’t too glossy. At the time high end boutique paint manufacturers like Farrow and Ball, Little Green, and Paint and Paper Library were the only people selling this low VOC, non-yellowing paint for woodwork… so you had to pay a small fortune to get it.

Since then the big paint companies have cottoned on to the trend and now offer similar products for half the price.  One such paint which has good reviews from my architect friend Julie is made by Johnstones and is called Acrylic Satin.  So instead of spending £51 for a 2.5L tin for my woodwork trim with Farrow and Ball, I’m opting for the £21.70 tin from Johnstones! Beneath this, after a good sanding,  you need a coat of the Johnstones Joncryl Water-based Primer Undercoat to make sure it sticks to any existing oil based paint.


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