Electrics Update

Last week Torque Electrical started work on upgrading the electrics. In addition to a new consumer unit with future capacity for a loft extension and side return, we are getting all our surface mounted electrical sockets and wiring recessed into the walls, an additional pendant light added to the hallway to brighten it up, and some more sockets added in the living room as there currently just aren’t enough. We are also future proofing things a bit now by adding in a wired in smoke alarm and an additional new circuit for the loft so that when the time comes so we don’t need to pull up the floorboards again. (The wired in alarm is a building control requirement for a loft).   We are also getting the electrician to chase in some wiring for a future shelf in each fireplace niche in the living room so that eventually we can have some concealed LED lighting built in.

Its a big job but after 3 days and two guys, the first fix is nearly finished now.  When they took out the old shelving beside the fireplace to run the new cabling – more rather dramatic wallpaper was revealed so I thought I’d share.  In some places the plaster was so brittle that they had to patch it in with some plasterboard to get a good fixing surface, and beside the fireplace it has cracked off right down to the brickwork so that will be a bit of a job for the plasterer.

Tomorrow have a CORGI registered gas and plumbing man coming in to relocate the radiator in the dining room, and move an unexpected high level gas pipe to beneath the floorboards so the partition can be taken down.  Its all stations go!


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