Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree….

…And here is Barrington all dressed up to the nines!  We set him on an apple crate so that he could see out of the window a bit better, and left the curtains in the central window open so that he can greet us when we come back in the evenings.  The added height at the base makes watering him easier, and leaves more space for presents!  We put him in a large galvanized metal bucket that we picked up from antiques market, and packed bricks around the trunk to secure him in place. I think I will repeat this mounting approach again next year.

The tree is plugged into a Wemo wifi socket we can turn it on and off remotely from our iphones, or set it to come on at certain times of day.

The sightly questionable green painted skirting, red carpet, and the red curtains which the previous owners left us do seem to make quite a festive backdrop.


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