Navy Blue Hallway Walls?!

After much deliberation about what colours to paint our walls, we have decided to embrace the darkness in our long windowless hallway and test out a deep dark blue.   Painting it white isn’t going to magically bring in daylight, so instead we thought that if the hallway is dark, then by contrast it will make the other rooms off the hallway, (which we will likely paint in a soft pale grey or white),  feel brighter.  Its a bit of a gamble, but a tin of paint is not expensive, so we are going to give it a go.    The exact blue is still up for debate… but I’ll keep you posted.

The hallway is a high traffic area and so likely to get scratched and scuffed when we roll our bikes or groceries through this narrow space, so our hope is that by painting it a dark colour, we will need to touch it up less often!

The electrical work started today, but I thought that it was time to post some pretty photos rather than the mess of an in progress installation for a change!


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